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Associated Press | AP - Fri, Aug 12, 2011

FBI's Annual Report on Mortgage Fraud

"The most prevalent schemes involve falsifying financial information to qualify buyers who otherwise would be ineligible for a loan".
Billing Solutions Inc., a leading provider of business processing solutions for the nations leading financial institutions. BSI provides a state-of-the-art technology that affords maximum flexibility to our clients through a secure web based processing interface. Our end user base consists of a wide range of industries including financial services, technology, risk management, telecommunications, government, energy, travel and transportation.

The cost of providing customer support and third-party verifications can be quite prohibitive. Let Billing Solutions Inc. transform these routine functions from a cost to a profit center. Many of the world’s top financial institutions, technology and media companies have successfully implemented our custom programs for V.O.D., Re-Verification/QC Audit, Check Verification, VOM, Credit Inquiry and Loan Payoff, Employment Verification, Tech Support and Premium Results Distribution.

Our mission is to design and implement, superior customer support solutions that allow our clients to maintain a profitable operation.

We have the solutions to address today’s business environment and the challenges that lie ahead.

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